Section 1:
Let it be known that there has been formad, and there is now functioning a non-profit corporation to be known as, THE MONTGOMERY COUNTY VETERANS MEMORIAL COURT OF HONOR hereafter referred to as the ‘COURT’


Section 1:
The primary function of the Court shall be that of publicly perpetuating the revered memory of all former and present residents of Montgomery County, Iowa, who, during their lifetime, honorably served on an active duty status in any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

And, it shall be incumbent unpon the members of the Court to provide a public ceremonial service in fulfillment of this function on each Memorial Day and Veterans Day of each year so long as these days shall be considered as national holidays, and so long as there is a Court of Honor in existence.

Section 2:
The function of the Court, in addition to the provision of a public ceremony, may be determined by the membership. However, the present practice of accepting custody of, and dedicating the burial flags of deceased veterans shall continue until by vote of membership, this section shall be amended to include or exclude the provisions herein stated.

Section 3:
It shall not be the responsibility of the Court to replace a dedicated flag which has become unserviceable. Upon notification of the family the Court will keep the flag in a retired status until replaced or removed by a family member.


Section 1:
Membership is open to all residents of Montgomery County.

The Court may, by a simple majority if its membership in attendance at any formal business session, place additional limiting conditions upon the eligibility for active membership in the Court, if the membership deems such action to be necessary in the best interests of the perpetuation of the organization. For purposes of this paragraph an “Active” member is defined as one who upon notification regularly participates in functions of the Court, including regular business session called by the leadership of the Court.